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I love Switzerland in the winter time – the snow, the fondue, the winter sports! But my absolute favorite time to be in the Bernese Alps is in summer. There are so many reasons to love Switzerland in summer; the vast miles of hiking paths, the alpine air, warm sunshine, and the fresh Alp cheese and chocolate sandwiches on mountain picnics. I prefer to enjoy these experiences in my favorite alpine village of Adelboden. Here are 7 of our favorite things to do in Adelboden in summer. All of them sure to help you enjoy an epic time in the Swiss Alps.

cows in alpine grass in adelboden

7 awesome things to do in Adelboden in Summer

Getting to Adelboden, Switzerland

Adelboden is just 45 minutes drive south of the Swiss capital city Bern, in the Bernese Oberland. The drive includes a highway and narrow mountain roads. The village is easily accessible via SBB train to the Frutigen train station, then hop on the Post Bus for the 30 minute drive to the village. Adelboden has long been a local getaway for Bernese and other lucky visitors seeking a quieter, authentic alpine experience.

1. Hike an Alpine Trail

There are 300 km {miles and miles} of hiking trails in Adelboden, all of them neatly labelled on yellow signs with names, distances, and estimated hiking times. Not sure where to start? Grab a handy hiking map at the Tourist Center Adelboden office in the village.

The English-speaking staff will point out great hiking trails, and you can also purchase a day or multiple day card at the center. The Hiking Pass includes bus transport and rides up on local mountain cable cars and gondolas: the Sillernbuhl, TschentenAlp and EngstligenAlp.

hiking in adelboden
Hiking ever upward on an Engstligen Alp hiking path, Adelboden

The 2.5 km loop hike on Engstligen Alp is stroller and wheelchair-friendly. As you ascend in the gondola you’ll pass the impressive, cascading Engstligen Falls. If you visit in late spring and summer, you may catch the ascent and descent of the cows along this narrow trail, led by stockmen in traditional dress.

cable car up engstligensalp adelboden
The Engstligenalp gondola ascends 600 m to the mountain plateau

On the Alp plateau, you’ll see meadows, mountain vistas, smaller waterfalls, and of course, cows. Most hiking paths do require sturdy footwear and a baby-backpack if travelling with younger children.

You will see many cows in the high alpine in the summer months, as it’s cooler for them in the mountains. Don’t worry if they start running towards you on the path, just stay still and calm. Keep on the lookout for a farmhouse with a table of fresh Alpkäse {Alpen cheese} for sale. Just leave the money behind and enjoy some of the best cheese you’ll ever taste.

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village of adelboden

Find short and long-term accommodation in Adelboden

2. Rent a Trottinette

Feeling adventurous? You’re in luck, as Adelboden is Trottiland. What the heck is that, you ask? Basically, a trottinette is a motor-less scooter on which you stand and ride down the mountain roads with calm, or if you’re a teenager, careen down at top speed, hopefully without landing in a cow patty. It’s quite a rush really, and a great and fun family activity.

mom and kids doing trottinette in adelboden
Riding down a mountain road on a trottinette is like nothing you’ve ever done before

There are 45 km (28 miles) of dedicated trotti-trails in Adelboden, as well as miles of mountain biking trails. Some trails are shared with cars, and care needs to be taken on narrow roads and around blind corners.

We’ve done trottinetting several times and all of us have had some spills and scrapes. You can rent the trottinettes for the day, and return/pick up at each station you visit. Kids need to be at least 8 years old and able to activate the brakes.

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3. Swim with a mountain view

Take a dip in the 50 meter Panorama Swimming Pool and enjoy spectacular mountain views of Adelboden. There’s also a children’s pool, 3m diving tower, playground, beach volleyball field and restaurant. Or drop into the equally stunning indoor pool in nearby Frutigen. It’s great to have the choice of in or outdoor aquatic facilities, as alpine weather changes frequently.

village of adelboden in summer
The stunning alpine views from Adelboden village and the outdoor pool

4. Build a dam and have a campfire picnic

This is one of our favorite things to do in the mountains. We’ve spent entire afternoons building dams, trying to change the icy cold river flow and smash rocks along the way. There are campfire and picnic sites along the Rossbach river, so it’s easy to make a day of outdoor fun, complete with roasted cervelat sausages (the national sausage of Switzerland) on the fire.

boys playing with river stones in adelboden
A dam builders’ work is never done. One of our favorite family activities in Adelboden

5. Hear the roar of Choleren Gorge

It’s a one hour walk or 10 minute car ride from Adelboden to a truly impressive natural water display at Choleren Gorge. Begin from the bottom of the gorge and walk upwards along the sturdy metal stairways and bridges. The sound of the water rushing through the gorge is incredible and a little frightening.

If you can get over the fear of narrow passages and cantilevered walkways, it’s an amazing experience of nature. There is a talented woodcarver on the path near the gorge exit. A wooden napkin ring with a carved edelweiss and your name burned into the ring is the perfect souvenir of your Adelboden holiday.

choleren gorge walkway adelboden
It’s a white knuckle stair-climbing through the Choleren gorge near Adelboden

6. Experience thrills at the Adventure Park

As in many North American alpine resorts, Adelboden has its share of serious mountain adventure offerings for young and old – rock-climbing, bouldering, rappelling and zip lining. The Adventure Park, just 10 minutes from town, offers the chance to learn some new skills or test your chops in a new environment.

7. Enjoy a fondue

Sure it’s summertime, but the alpine air is fresh, and after all that hiking and activity, a fondue is a great choice to end the day. I love the fondue at the Shermtanne Restaurant Hotel in Stiegelschwand, just outside of town. If you’re lucky, Herr Künzi will serenade you with his accordion or the local yodeling troupe will be there too. Drink alcohol or hot beverages with the fondue (cold drinks cause the cheese to curdle in your stomach, ugh), and enjoy a Kirsch chaser. You’re in Switzerland after all.

lady enjoying cheese fondue in adelboden
Warm fondue cheese, bread, wine and kirsch is a winning dinner combination

Where to Stay in Adelboden

There are many accommodation choices in Adelboden, from 5-Star Luxury hotels to rental chalets, mountain pensiones, and sleeping in the straw. Some hotels offer package deals that may also include hiking passes, and like in most European destinations, breakfast is included.

Credits: All photos by C. Laroye.

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The writer thanks Adelboden Tourism for its assistance in facilitating our visit. As always, our opinions are honest and our own.

Have you ever been to Adelboden or the Swiss Alps in summer? Share your comments below.

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