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Summer will soon be upon us, and one of the best parts of the season is gearing up for those summer travel plans. But, it’s no secret that the rising temperature can sometimes have travelling moms and dads feeling less than excited during a long voyage. It’s difficult to beat the heat in style while lugging bags through the airport or pulling them in and out of the car during a hot and humid road trip.

This handy guide on how to max summer travel fashion during your holiday travels will help you stay on top of your fashion A-game, without sacrificing the comfort and freshness of a weather appropriate ensemble.

Keep the heat at bay on your next holiday. How to stay fashionable and fun during your summer travels. |

1. Choose Linen Clothing Items for Summer Travel Fashion

One of the best ways to make sure you’re making weather-appropriate clothing choices is choosing the right materials that breathe. Linen is one of the best fabrics out there for the summer months. You can choose from a myriad selection of types – pants, shorts, shoes, hats – whatever you fashion needs dictate. You can check out brands that offer fabric that is light, airy and also dries quickly for easy washing and repacking. These kinds of clothing are a serious must-have for your suitcase.

Keep the heat at bay on your next holiday. How to stay fashionable and fun during your summer travels. |

2. Shade Yourself from that Sun

If we skip right to the most practical, you know that SPF is a priority. Nothing is more uncomfortable in the summer heat than a bad sunburn. Doubly so for the children. Make sure you’ve got at least SPF 30 for your body and your wee ones (or better still, cloth them in SPF-rated shirts and hats). To keep your face from feeling too oily with the rise in temperature, be on the lookout for your preference in sunscreen for your beautiful visage.

For an added flair to your style (while being practical of course), invest in a quality pair of sunnies that provide the right kind of UVA/UVB protection. Remember all sunglasses are not created equal. Also, believe it or not, a light scarf is also a very welcome (and stylish) summer travel accessory – you’ll add flair and give yourself the option of an emergency cover up should the need arise. Finally complete your ensemble and buy that floppy beach hat or fedora. Your scalp and face with thank you later.

3. Make Sure Your Footwear is Comfortable

Wearing comfortable shoes for the summer heat doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style anymore. Check out sandals that are both functional and fabulous – keeping your feet happy. And happy feet equal happy ‘meets’ along your journey, so you’ll always be wearing a smile and that glow that only adventuring can bring. (Editor: I now swear by my Birkenstocks!)

4. Keep Yourself Cool and Hydrated

Excessive heat means keeping your body hydrated and cool during your travels. The best way to go about doing this is to make sure you have plenty of water – either in a cooler or trusty water bottle that easily refilled – as well as towels that you can dry your face with or douse with cool water to cool down your body temperature.

The best kind of towel for travelling will be the type that is quick-drying and absorbent. Flour sack towels, among their many other creative uses, are perfect for both summer weather and travel. They dry fast, take up minimal space in luggage and can be used to clean up, cool down or dry your hair, keeping you feeling fresh and put together for your entire journey.

Keep the heat at bay on your next holiday. How to stay fashionable and fun during your summer travels. |

5. Keep a “Freshen Up” Kit

If you’re traveling with a group, chances are that you will have a mixed variety needs when it comes to freshening up on the road. Put together a small kit that has some moist towelettes or facial wipes, a little bit of make up for the ladies, comb or brush, some chap stick with SPF and some spray deodorant. If you so choose (depending on your destination), you may want to throw a travel size perfume or cologne in there, as well as some toothpaste and a toothbrush. Nothing can cure that gross travel grime than a clean face and teeth.

6. Think Outside the Box

Of course, you might have some other items that you deem ‘must-haves’ to take with you on the road to keep feeling fresh and fashionable, but the above list will cover most of your necessities without getting too complicated. There are always some creative suggestions – like purchasing a cute fan to keep yourself cool in un-air-conditioned areas (great if you’re off to Europe for a summer road trip) or dressing up a simple pony with a headband.

Just make sure you keep in mind that your choices should let your skin breathe, protect you from the sun and keep you hydrated. Run any of your other picks through this criteria, and you’re all set for a summer full of fun-in-the-sun, done with the utmost A-list style.

This post contains affiliate links.

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