7 fave hangouts to enjoy the best ice cream in Vancouver

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To the delight of kids of all ages, Vancouver’s ice cream scene has exploded in recent years. You don’t have to go far to find amazing, organic, hand-churned ice cream, gelato or sorbetto anymore. Here are seven of our favorite hangouts to enjoy the best ice cream in Vancouver on a warm summer’s night.

We all scream for ice cream, and we've got the goods on where to find the best ice cream in Vancouver.

Where to find the best ice cream in Vancouver

La Glace Ice Cream

Oh la la! The uber-creamy, French-style ice cream found at La Glace has melted its way into our frozen treat-loving hearts.

The super lucious creaminess is brought about through the addition of extra egg yolks. And the flavours are to die for – Bananas Foster, Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Pink Peppercorn – c’est magnifique!

La Glace also has some of the best dairy free and vegan options for ice cream, as well as ice cream sandwiches, cakes and decadent pastries.

As a result of using so many egg yolks in its French ice cream production, La Glace makes delicious meringues from its excess of egg whites. You can top your scoop or cone with a tiny flavored meringue kiss.

Because you can’t really have too many sweet things, can you?

Location: West 16th at Macdonald, Kitsilano

la glace ic cream flight

Rain or Shine Homemade Ice Cream

The uber-popular Rain or Shine ice cream emporium has several locations in Vancouver. Using local and organic ingredients, Rain or Shine makes several delicious flavor combinations like London Fog, Malted Chocolate and Blueberry Balsamic. They also have seasonal flavors and vegan and gluten free choices.

Rain or Shine scoops cones, cups, and shakes until 10 PM every day. They bring the beauty of ice cream and tacos together every week on Taco Tuesday. Choose from your favorite flavor of ice cream and toppings, scooped into a freshly baked taco-shaped waffle cone.

Locations: West 4th and Cambie Village

rain or shine ice cream taco

Earnest Ice Cream

Once delivered by bicycle in 2012 to Vancouver’s ice cream cognoscenti, Earnest Ice Cream has expanded into two bricks and mortar locations on Vancouver’s east side.

Earnest makes organic, small batch ice cream that is available via cone, cup or in 500 ml jars for take home enjoyment. The variety of flavors changes by the season and according to ingredient availability.

Their motto of ‘seriously good’ is true to its word. The flavor varieties are intriguing and delicious – whiskey hazelnut is a standout, as are salted caramel and coconut lime sorbet. Be ready to wait in line to enjoy your taste of ice cream heaven – it’s worth it.  

Locations: Fraser and Quebec Streets, Mount Pleasant

earnest ice cream sundae

Soft Peaks

Vancouver’s organic soft serve ice cream is made from local organic Avalon dairy milk, and handcrafted and ‘churned to smooth perfection’.

Soft Peaks soft serve is not too sweet, and you can choose to add natural sweeteners such as honeycomb on their signature Honeycomb Peak. Or pick from a variety of flavored syrups including organic maple syrup (yum!), agave syrup or honey.

Their Gastown location is bustling well into the night, and line ups are common. 

Location: Alexander St., Gastown; Burnaby

two cups of soft peaks ice cream

Bella Gelateria

Get ready for award-winning, old-world style gelato that may rock your ice cream world. Bella Gelateria excels at handcrafted, small batch gelato-making that results in a smoothly delicious gelato that comes in myriad flavors.

Favorites include chocolate-amarena cherry, tahitian vanilla, and exotics like akbar mashti and black sesame. The downtown Vancouver locations are close to major tourist centers like English Bay and Robson Street, so prepare for long lines in summer.

Locations: Downtown Vancouver and Burnaby

two scoop cones of bella gelateria vancouver

La Casa Gelato

A local favorite ice cream shop and long-standing gelateria on Venables Street, La Casa Gelato boasts over 230 flavors of gelato, sorbetto and frozen yogurt.

Reflecting Vancouver’s cultural mix, flavors include durian, garlic, and the usual suspects of chocolate, cocopine and cassata (an Italian favorite). Just like you would order gelato in Italy, pay first, then taste and select your flavor at your leisure.

Take a seat in outdoor seating area next to the gelateria. It’s a popular gathering spot to enjoy your cup or cone. 

Location: Venables St., East Vancouver

ice cream cone at sunset

Uno Gelato

Touted as the ‘best natural farm to cone’ gelato in Vancouver, Uno Gelato has several locations in Vancouver, including Kitsilano and the False Creek seawall.

Uno Gelato specializes in hand-crafted gelato and sorbetto using local ingredients, including organic Avalon milk. Choose from a variety of intriguing flavors, including; mango tango, maple praline almond, peanut butter, chocolate grand marnier and many seasonal tastes. The delicious frozen desserts are available in cones, cups or pints to go.

Locations: West Broadway, Kitsilano and False Creek

uno gelato ice cream in a cup

Mister Artisan Ice Cream

A master of creating liquid nitrogen ice cream, Mister Artisan takes frozen treats to the next level.

Mister is able to rapidly freeze products at ultra low temperatures, resulting in much smaller ice crystals and less air than found in traditional ice cream. This produces a richer, creamier, denser ice cream that doesn’t require stabilizers and fillers.

Flavors like Thai Milk Tea, Matcha Crispy and vegan classic Coffee are all with pure, all-natural ingredients. Order in cone, cup or sandwich form.

Locations: 1141 Mainland Street, Yaletown and in Kitsilano

mister artisan ice cream

Say Hello Sweets

We’ve added a bonus scoop to our list. Say Hello Sweets is possibly the sweetest and cutest ice cream truck and bricks & mortar store in town.

Focused on purely non-dairy scoops, owner Naomi produces hand-crafted frozen delights made of coconut milk, in house made cashew milk, organic agave nectar and other all-natural ingredients.

Products include cups, cones, cakes, sammies, popsicles and even freeze-dried ice cream. Their Signature Cubes of frozen ice cream includes flavors like Cafe No-Lait, Lemon Squeezy and Meet Your Matcha.

Location: East Vancouver and in local retail shops and restaurants

say hello sweets ice cream

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Where is your favorite ice cream emporium in Vancouver? Share your go-to frozen treat spot in the comments below.


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