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The fantastical worlds of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Game of Thrones come to life through interactive, fun and educational tours with New York City-based Fable and Lark Storied Adventures.

The magic of popular books such as the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings were the inspiration for exciting guided tours that marry the fictional with the real, ancient past of human history, as seen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

fable and lark tours of the met

Former Met educator Evan Levy created Fable & Lark Storied Adventures. Levy invites guests of nearly every age to explore and uncover the secrets of the incredible Met Museum and Met Collection while simultaneously weaving in beloved stories of popular fiction. These Fable and Lark tours will appeal to anyone who loves history, fantasy, and the art of storytelling. In other words, just about everyone.

Griffins, Goblets and Gold Tour of the Met

I may have forgotten my wand at home as I prepared for my Griffins, Goblets and Gold Tour of the Met. But Fable & Lark founder Evan Levy, assured me that all I needed was my imagination, along with a small pencil and notebook, which Levy supplied.

Sure enough, as we wandered through the ancient Roman and Greek galleries, a rebuilt 16th century Spanish castle, and the halls of the Ancient Americas, the real and the imagined came together in fascinating and unexpected ways.

fable and lark tours

My Harry Potter-inspired tour was focused on the famous wizard’s world, and included a scavenger hunt. I immediately became immersed in finding the connections between JK Rowling’s novels and the real world. I noticed griffins and unicorns on castle walls; recognized the face of He Who Shall Not Be Named in the statue of a Roman Senator; and may have correctly identified the Goblet of Fire disguised as a gold chalice from France.

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Fun and Learning with Fable and Lark Tours

The tour challenged me to come up with my own House. I invented a name, colors, mission and even a sport; quidditch of course. I received house points (stamps) for correct answers and scavenger hints I found. Levy rewarded me for general enthusiasm too. Which was easy as I’m a big fan of all things Rowling.

There isn’t any connection with her work, by the way. The Harry Potter books simply inspired Levy to create tours that blend human history with human creativity. And they do that very well. My adventure was fun, immersive and educational, all the things I enjoy. Plus, Harry Potter!

Fable & Lark offers a variety of tours for adults, kids and families, as well as school groups. Tours book up early so plan ahead, particularly during the holiday and summer seasons.

Among some of the most popular tours are the Griffins, Goblets and Gold Tour of the Met; Here Be Dragons (inspired by the Fantastic Beasts film and mythical creatures); Quest Control: A Demigod Search, and After Ever After, a fairytale-themed tour. All the tours are highly interactive, requiring active participation and imagination.

Wands, Pygmy Puffs and House colors are optional, but always welcome.

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Disclosure: The writer was the guest of Fable & Lark Storied Adventures. As always, her opinions and love of magic and managing mischief are honest and her own.

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