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Over the course of many summers, my kids lived in their Crocs. The blue, classic Crocs clogs were part of the ‘summer swimming apparel support crew’ as I called it. This supply bag included quick-dry towels, goggles, and swim caps. The Crocs were always scattered poolside at practices and did double-duty as playground and street shoes during the summer months.

As a mother, I appreciated the light yet durable footwear that could withstand the wear and tear of the active play of young boys. Times change, and so have the shoes. The new lines of come as you are Crocs footwear have gone way beyond the classic clog.

Crocs are come as you are footwear

Crocs are the ultimate come as you are, slip on slip off shoe. Come as you are Crocs are perfect for summer weekends by the water or at the cottage.

Our Crocs fit perfectly into our own casual, come as you are west coast lifestyle. My Swiftwater Crocs are ideal for dog walks down to Kits Beach. I don’t have to worry about getting them wet or damaged by salt water should our pup choose to dip her paw into the ocean. They’re also super light and portable for packing for quick weekend trips or beach vacations. I’ll be sure to pack them along for our upcoming camping adventures as well.

My husband was pleasantly surprised by the light and comfortable Santa Cruz slip-ons he’s been wearing on warmer days. They fit his wider men’s foot with ease. The non-marking yet grippy sole is perfect for boating too.

The new fashion-forward, come as you are Crocs footwear line at Mark’s offers great choices for the playful adults in the family.

Disclosure: This sponsored post has been made possible by Crocs and Mark’s. The writer received footwear for review purposes. As always, our love of comfort and style is honest and our opinions our own.


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