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Choosing and packing appropriate travel clothing can be a real challenge. Not only should said clothing item be stylish, comfortable, breathable, easy to clean and wrinkle-free, but perhaps it should also keep you safe and secure. How so?

Sadly, whether in a busy downtown restaurant or remote countryside bus stop, pickpocketing can rear its ugly, trip-spoiling head. You can mitigate the risks through the wise choice of creative and wearable theft prevention solutions.

On my recent trip to Jordan, I had the opportunity to field test not only the anti-pickpocketing technology of the P^cubed {Pick-Pocket Proof} Pants by Clothing Arts, but also, and just as importantly, their comfort, care, and wearability ratios as well. Here’s my P^cubed pick-pocket proof pants review.

How do Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof pants measure up to the camel test? Our review measures the travel safety of the P^cubed pants.
The stylish P^cubed woman’s travel pant. (Photo credit: Clothing Arts)

Fit:  Importantly, the P^cubed pants are stylish. This is important, as I like to look good when I travel! I chose the darker grey pants, which lie flat and smooth at the front with no bulgy pockets. The many pockets are well designed, and some very well hidden as pockets within pockets. Many pockets have zippers that zip upward instead of downward, which helps to deter thieves (as you’d notice the upward zipper movement more). The P^cubed pants look good on my body-style (I have hips!) and were sized based on my ‘petite’ in-seam measurements (there are 3 choices), so the length was perfect. I also really liked that they flared out just a little bit at the hem. A nice touch.

Wearability:  I wore these pants everywhere in Jordan – on the bus; climbing stone steps in the heat in Petra (in capri-mode); and out for a walk and dinner in Amman, where I stuffed the various pockets with cash, a credit card and my iPhone as a test. No one laid a hand on me, but I also felt incredibly safe in Jordan, so I wasn’t that worried to begin with.

I also wore the pants for an overnight trip in the Wadi Rum desert. I danced around the Bedouin fire, lay in the sand to gaze at the stars, and even slept in them in a Bedouin tent. The biggest test came the next morning, when we rode a camel for 30 minutes to breakfast. The pants triumphed through all of these experiences, I’m very happy to report. The camel ride left a lot of our group with, um, chafed thighs and tender bits. No chafing or redness in tender spots for me, and I credit the P^cubed pants for that.

Cleaning:  After the desert sleepover, I washed the pants in the hotel sink and hung to dry over the bathtub. They air-dried very quickly in just a few hours, and were good as new. They are also very light-weight and pack very thinly in my carry-on.

How do Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof pants measure up to the camel test? Our review measures the travel safety of the P^cubed pants.
How many pockets are hidden away in here?!

Best Thing: My iPhone is my primary camera, and it fit perfectly into the main zippered hip pocket of the pant, and also in the thigh button-pocket when I was hiking. Since I was grabbing it every 5 minutes to take pictures, this handy access was much appreciated.

Specs:  Woman’s P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Pants. Material is 100% Nature-Like Nylon – ‘look and feel of cotton with benefits of nylon’ – wrinkle-free, quick-dry, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, durable. Available in 3 colors (Grey, Khaki, Olive). Pants roll up to capri-style in warm weather. Cost: Approximately $100 USD.

Giveaway! You can win your very own pair of P^cubed Pick-Pocket Proof Pants! Just enter below (scroll down!) by 12:00 PM PDT April 30th. Giveaway is generously sponsored by Clothing Arts. Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter, and pants will be shipped directly by the company.

Disclosure: The travelling mom received a pair of the P^cubed PIck Pocket Proof women’s pants from Clothing Arts for review purposes. As always, our opinions are honest and our own.

Have you ever been the victim of a pick-pocket on your travels? Share your experience and comment below.

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