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Over the past few years, the babymoon holiday has grown in popularity as couples look for ways to celebrate their relationship before the arrival of that new bundle of joy. The potential babymoon destination and activity choices are nearly endless. So we’ve canvassed the globe for expert recommendations on where to go. These writers have experienced these destinations first-hand, and have the goods on how to plan the perfect pre-baby trip. Here’s our inspiring list of best babymoon destinations around the world to help you plan an amazing child-free holiday.

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Babymoon Do’s and Don’ts

Planning a couples holiday is always exciting, but there are a few things you need to do before you pack your bags for a babymoon vacation.

  • Check with your doctor to get the ‘all clear’ before booking and heading out on a babymoon vacation, and keep them in the loop about your destination plans. Your chat should also include asking about any vaccines that you may require, based on your destination.
  • Purchase and pack approved medicines that you can bring along should you need them.
  • The best time to plan a babymoon is the second trimester, after the period of morning sickness has (hopefully) concluded, and before the final few months when you may not want to be far from home.
  • Buy adequate travel insurance that will cover ‘pre-existing conditions’ i.e. pregnancy, and review the policy before you leave.
  • Become familiar with the location of medical clinics or hospitals near where you plan to stay. It’s better to be prepared than be scrambling. Google Maps and Street View are great tools for this.
  • Determine where you want to go, and how you want to get there – plane, train, automobile, ship? Getting there is half the fun! Choose a mode and destination that you enjoy and are comfortable with.

Best Babymoon Destinations Around the World

Babymoon Destinations in Europe

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Couples looking for the ultimate babymoon destination should head for the most charming city on the Adriatic, Dubrovnik. The Old Town is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site with stone walls and buildings dating to the 13th century. There are so many things to do in Dubrovnik. Why not start with a sunrise walk along these walls for stunning views of the homes and their red tile roofs and the ocean views beyond. Do not forget to buy a tablet of Viagra in a pharmacy civsvi. Charming courtyards and narrow alleyways throughout the city only add to the romantic atmosphere for couples taking evening strolls or enjoying delicious Croatian meals.

If Dubrovnik is too crowded, pack a picnic and take the ferry to nearby Lokrum, a heavenly island escape with beaches, pine forests, and free roaming rabbits and peacocks. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic afternoon. Finish the day by catching the Dubrovnik Cable Car to the top of Mount Srd for the ultimate sunset views. (Kirsten, Kids are a Trip)

orange rooftops of croatia
Credit: Kirsten Maxwell

London, England

London, England, is the perfect babymoon destination for couples who are looking for a romantic, historical city destination. London is the largest city in the United Kingdom, making it a fun urban destination, but it is also home to numerous beautiful parks and gardens. Couples who want to hit as many tourist attractions as possible before welcoming their baby will want to see Buckingham Palace (the beautiful home and administrative headquarters of Queen Elizabeth II), and the Tower of London (home to the Royal family’s coronation regalia). On a clear day, enjoy a beautiful view of London from the London Eye and then head over to Westminster Abbey or St. Paul’s Cathedral for an evensong service.

Slow down and take a beautiful walk through Hyde Park or Kensington Palace Gardens (and stop by Kensington Palace as well). Buy a few souvenirs for your baby at the Portobello Market in Notting Hill and enjoy a delicious meal at Duck and Waffle on Bishopsgate (open 24 hours a day). If you are feeling up to a nearby day trip, take the Underground to Kew Palace & Gardens (it is worth it!). London offers the perfect mix of traditional city-sites and relaxing garden escapes, making it a great destination for babymooners who like variety. (Leah Sprunger, An Adventure is Calling)

queen victoria statue in london
Credit: Leah Sprunger

Paris, France

My husband and I absolutely love Paris – it’s our favorite city in the world. Paris makes the perfect babymoon destination because everywhere you look there is something beautiful, whether it’s the architecture, art, food, or people. And this was so nourishing for all my senses. We ate at several Michelin-rated restaurants that were to die for and we adored the Saint Germain chocolate walk. As a mother-to-be for the second time, I felt very inspired by the talented people that Paris attracts, and it made me lovingly ponder, “who is my baby going to be?”. We highly recommend a visit to the “city of love” for a babymoon holiday, especially when the weather is nice and you can afford nice accommodation. I’m always thankful for my time in Paris and I can’t wait to bring my new baby with me, next time! (Asher Fergusson,

couple with baby in front of eiffel tower
Credit: Asher Fergusson

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is a stunningly beautiful island in the Mediterranean with a wonderful range of landscapes, from looming mountains to deep caves. And who could forget the crystal clear turquoise waters that break onto some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. These natural attractions combined with great weather, wonderful Italian cuisine and warm hospitality make Sardinia a perfect babymoon destination. Whether you are looking to relax with your bump on the beach or take your last chance to explore without a baby in tow, you will find Sardinia has it all.

There are many great places to visit all over the island, but if we were to pick just one as a base, we would choose Alghero. It is a fortress city by the sea with great bastion walls, narrow cobblestone streets, charming piazzas, opulent churches, and an array of stunning shops with coral jewelry. Several glorious beaches are just a short drive away, giving you the perfect mix of town and beach. If you are keen to explore further you will find that car rentals are cheap whilst the roads are quiet and easy to navigate. The island is fairly small so you can easily visit many of the highlights in a week or two. (Chris Bienemann, More Life in Your Days)

Bonus Italy: The Amalfi Coast south of Naples is an incredible babymoon destination. From Sorrento to Capri and the towns and villages along the coast, there is no shortage of idyllic Italian charm, accommodation and spaces to enjoy a blissful babymoon.

Sardinia, Italy
Credit: Chris

Babymoon Destinations in North America

Asheville, North Carolina

The city of Asheville is a great vacation destination that provides beautiful natural scenery, history, and an exciting food and music scene. Asheville is located in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, known for putting on an amazing fall color show. Babymooners shouldn’t miss visiting the famous Biltmore Estate which is reminiscent of a large European-type castle. Take a tour of the well-decorated castle, and wander through the beautiful, tended garden. If you are a music lover or just want authentic, country-style music, Asheville is a great vacation choice. There are plenty of music halls with live music you can choose from, including the Asheville Music Hall or the White Horse Black Mountain. (Alan Liwang, The Practical Saver)

castle in asheville
Credit: Alan Liwang

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, the glorious garden island of Hawaii. I’m not sure you need much convincing to go lay on a beach and relax while pregnant. Kauai, unlike the other Hawaiian islands, is quite possibly the most laid back of all of the islands. There are no active volcanos to worry about. Other than the Island of Hawaii (the Big Island), there is no other spot you can truly get away from it all, find a patch of sand for yourself and pretend like you are on a deserted island. Go to the north shore of Kauai past Hanalei and you will see what I mean. Besides the peace and quiet, fresh fruit is plentiful, something I always craved while pregnant, but don’t worry, their are several Bubba’s Burger locations on the island as well.

If you are feeling active and adventurous, Kauai offers hikes for all skill levels. While you might want to tackle the Na Pali Coast, perhaps a walk down towards Polihale State Park would be better if you are in your late second trimester. Most important of all, the people of Kauai are warm and inviting, there are plenty of rental homes, condos and hotel rooms available, and off season flights are a steal. Pack those bags. It’s time to warm up that baby belly and find out what the aloha spirit is all about. (Keryn Means, Walking On Travels)

Kauai sunset at na pali coast
Credit: Keryn Means

Las Vegas, Nevada

You know the saying, it’s “Las Vegas, Baby!” Well, how about Las Vegas WITH Baby!? It may come as a surprise to many that Vegas is actually very family-friendly. Believe it or not, I visited Vegas while pregnant with my first two children, and we have returned to Sin City practically every year since they were born. The Vegas Strip is full of gargantuan four and five-star resorts with world-class restaurants and shows, spas that offer pre-natal massages, fun live music venues, fashionable shopping malls, and a plethora of attractions to satisfy the cravings of just about everyone. I recall floating weightlessly in the tropical oasis that is the Mirage pool, sipping on a virgin Pina Colada, and fantasizing about unlimited crab legs at the dinner buffet (yeah, I ate shell fish while pregnant). Let’s face it, Vegas is notorious as the place to celebrate big life-changing events – so what better place to kick-off your new life with that new life? Take it from me. Yes, Las Vegas is an exhilarating party city, but it can totally be the luxurious and relaxing escape that every expecting mother needs. (Amanda Keeley-Thurman, Hot Mama Travel)

las vegas strip with circus circus
Credit: Amanda Keeley-Thurman

Los Angeles, California

Most couples want to relax on their babymoon and connect with each other. There are many reasons why Los Angeles is the perfect babymoon destination for those who want to take some time off. The city is uber romantic, zika-free, and has many excellent spa resorts that cater to pregnant women. LA is also perfect for low-stress activities like exploring museums, including LACMA, and The Broad, indulging in fine dining, and spending time at one of the country’s best Farmers Markets. You can also shop for your little bundle of joy on Rodeo Drive and get adorable souvenir onesies and pajamas. While you are there, you may as well pick up cute, on-trend maternity outfits. Tip: to make the most of your babymoon in LA, save crowded Hollywood Boulevard and nearby attractions for another visit. (Ketki, Dotted Globe)

rodeo drive los angeles
Credit: Ketki

Savannah, Georgia

Romantic, slow-paced, and beautiful, Savannah makes the ideal babymoon destination. This southern US city is all about savoring peaceful moments, whether that’s over a multi-course dinner or with a stroll through gorgeous Forsyth Park. During your babymoon in Savannah, be sure to tour an antebellum mansion or two, duck into some antique shops, indulge in some incredible southern cuisine, and do a little shopping in some of Savannah’s adorable boutiques (River Street and Broughton Street are both popular). Perhaps you’ll even find a last-minute addition for the nursery!

You can also take a walk down Jones Street (often touted as the most beautiful street in America), enjoy Savannah’s 22 historic squares, sample pralines at City Market, and rest your head at a cozy and historic bed and breakfast. Trips to Savannah often include lots of walking, but if having your little one on board is making that sound like less fun than usual, everything from city tours to ghost tours are also offered via trolley ride in Savannah. (Kate Storm, Our Escape Clause)

fountain in Savannah, Georgia
Credit: Kate Storm

Tofino, Canada

The wild, west natural paradise that is Tofino on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island is an idyllic spot for babymooners. The high season is summer, when the wide, sandy beaches are busy with surfers and beachcombers, and the picturesque ocean-front village is buzzing with locals, tourists and day trippers. But fall and winter are equally as amazing for a visit, as the winter storm-watching season is inviting for bracing walks on the near-empty beach. It’s highly romantic to snuggle indoors by the warm fire with a good book and cup of tea, watching the surf pound the shore. Tofino has a wide range of excellent restaurants to choose from (book a table at award-winning Wolf and Fog), and even the fine dining spots welcome GoreTex and fleece hoodies in their dress codes. Book a stay at beachfront property like Long Beach Lodge and enjoy a spa treatment, or rent a holiday home all to yourselves to max your couple time. (Claudia, Claudia Travels)

wick in tofino aerial shot

Whistler, Canada

Canada’s largest ski community is also a four season resort town that offers myriad activities for anyone looking for adventure, pampering, and spending time in nature. We’ve spent a lot of time in Whistler, British Columbia, over the years. It’s close to home, just 1.5 hours drive north of Vancouver, and the village really does have something for everyone.  Couples can enjoy everything from luxurious resort spa treatments to healthy and farm to table fine dining, active adventures like zip lining, cycling and axe-throwing (really!), to walks around lakes or hikes on mountain trails. Choose the activity level you’re comfortable with, or just enjoy the fresh air and people-watching on a village patio, or lounge by the pool at a five-star resort, or that hot tub in your own rental condo on the mountain. Go play outside! (Claudia, Claudia Travels)

snow-covered mountains in whistler
Credit: Claudia Laroye

Babymoon Destinations in Africa

Dahab, Egypt

When I was 22 weeks pregnant, we decided that we needed a bit of a vacation before our son was born. So we embarked on a so-called babymoon. Our beloved Dahab in South Sinai, Egypt seemed like the perfect place. And it was. We were there in at the end of April, which is a great time to visit. Nice, warm weather, but not too hot. We always go scuba diving, but since I was pregnant that wasn’t an option so I just snorkeled every day. The marine life in Dahab is amazing. We stayed in our own holiday home in the Assalah area, but there are numerous wonderful hotels as well as many Airbnb apartments in Dahab.

Getting around is easy. There’s no official public transport, but almost all white pickups serve as taxis. It will only cost you about $2 to get from one side of town to the other. If you’re still quite mobile, walking is also a good option. All in all, Dahab is an excellent location for a babymoon. Great weather, not too touristy, nice and quiet but with enough stores and restaurants to keep our inner shopping moms satisfied. (Lisa van den Berg, Flip Flop Globetrotters)

beach in egypt in sunshine
Credit: Lisa van den Berg

Pre-baby Destinations in Asia and Oceania

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a tropical bucket list destination with accommodations ranging from budget to luxury boutique hotel. You can unwind in Ubud where you will find villas offering privacy in the forest. Most accommodations have a pool or even a private pool for guests, providing you a great place to swim. There are great restaurants nearby and markets for shopping. In Seminyak, you can find beachfront villas where you can easily walk down the beach to float in the warm ocean water.

In Bali, you will find plenty of activities that are perfect for babymooners. Many spa menus include prenatal care messages and treatments that are usually very affordable.  You can always spend some time relaxing on the beach, or stretch out at a local prenatal yoga session. Depending on your home country, the biggest cost to Bali is just getting there, but rest assured, its beauty and spirit will ensure a worthwhile babymoon holiday.  (Dan Bagby, Honeymoon Always)

canoe on beach in bali
Credit: Dan Bagby

Kiama, Australia

Kiama is a charming town just a few hours away from Sydney and makes for a romantic train journey for the weekend. Its beaches have incredibly clear blue waters that entice you into staying there longer than you planned. There are plenty of fun things to do here to rock your babymoon vacay, and one of the best is witnessing a glorious sunset at the Cathedral Rocks on the way to Minnamura.

Kiama Lighthouse is magnificent and the Kiama blowhole is cool to watch in action too. Other places to consider spending time here are Bombo headlands, Easts beach, Minnamura rainforest and Jamberoo Action Park. The coastal walk from Kiama to Minnamura is magical, even if you do not want to take the entire three-and-a-half hour walk, make a stop at Bombo beach. You will love the time spent at this gorgeous and quiet place. (Priyadarshini Rajendra, Glorious Sunrise)

surf hits beach in kiama
Credit: Priyadarshini Rajendran

Port Dickson, Malaysia

Port Dickson is a holiday town on the west coast of Malaysia, approximately 90 km south from the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Port Dickson is well known for their resort properties, some of which have their own private pools, hotel spa, water parks and water sports activities. Beaches line the coastline that runs south toward Tanjung Tuan, a wildlife reserve and birdwatching spot with a 16th-century lighthouse. Lay on the beach, by the pool, or head into town to sample some delicious Malaysian street food, including fresh fish, coconut dishes and savory noodle dishes.  (Donovan, Money Saving Daddy)

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If you’re looking for that idyllic tropical holiday paradise, the Maldives would make the perfect babymoon location. We recently visited the Maldives to celebrate a ‘big’ birthday. It is everything you see and so much more. Beautiful crystal clear, aqua waters and fine white sand. The islands are surrounded by amazing coral reefs that extend straight off your own private beachfront behind your villa. What more could you ask for from a tropical destination.

We stayed at the Park Hyatt Hadahaa, located an hours flight from Male Airport, on a tiny island that you can walk around in just 15 mins. Nearly all the villas have a private plunge pool and all have private beach access. For those wanting to really spoil themselves, the overwater villas are just divine. Best of all, the island was at 80% capacity when we were there and you would hardly know anyone else was there. I highly recommend a stay at the Park Hyatt Hadahaa and while you’re there treat yourself to the amazing Vidhun Spa. You deserve it! (Sally Lucas, Our 3 Kids v the World)

Pre-Baby Vacation on The Beach
Credit: Sally Lucas

Weligama, Sri Lanka

Weligama in Sri Lanka is the ideal location for a babymoon. This quaint and quiet town in the southern province of Sri Lanka has everything you want in an escape holiday. It is famous for the iconic stilted fishermen, and as a location to view resident blue whales which are endangered and are present year-round.

Weligama has a relaxed, laid-back vibe with touches of luxury. Get pampered at one of the` countless spas in the area. Many of them offer meditation-type oil massages as they specialize in Ayurveda. There is a wide array of accommodation options in Weligama with many luxury hotels and resorts on offer. Take a tour of nearby tea fields, and enjoy some excellent shopping opportunities a short drive away in Galle. Leave the worries of life behind and enjoy a relaxing babymoon in lovely Weligama. (Alana Tagliabue, Family Bites Travel)

Sri Lanka Pre-Baby Getaway
Credit: Alana Tagliabue

Babymoon Destinations in the Caribbean


The island of Barbados is absolutely perfect for a babymoon.  It’s surrounded by incredible beaches and there are also many man-made and natural attractions worth visiting. Barbados hosts a full calendar of sports and music events throughout the year and the locals, known as Bajans, are incredibly warm, friendly and chatty people.

Snorkelling in the crystal clear waters with the green sea turtles is an experience not to be missed (you won’t be doing it for a while when you have a baby to run around after on the beach). Barbados is well-known for its luxurious hotels, resorts and villas, and the restaurants and standard of food is also exceptionally high. Bajan cuisine is a mixture of African, Indian, Irish, Creole and British influences. A typical meal consists of a main dish of meat or fish, including the traditional side dish of ‘cou-cou,’ a type of cornmeal mixed with okra and served with flying fish. Foodie heaven! (Lisa, Travel Loving Family)

how to plan the perfect pre-baby trip
Credit: Lisa

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has some beautiful tropical destinations that are perfect for some pre-baby rest and rejuvenation. One of our favourites is Punta Cana. Punta Cana offers white sand beaches and luxury resort stays, great food and plenty of pampering opportunities too. There are plenty of budget friendly hotels available, right near the beach and city centre. However if you are wanting to spoil yourselves a little more before the arrival of your baby, the all inclusive resorts are definitely a great option. We stayed at Now Larimar Punta Cana Resort and it was heavenly. The resort had multiple pools, restaurants and fantastic service. The rooms were large and comfortable and they offer great entertainment at the resort every night too, from music to performing arts. You don’t even need to leave the resort to have a great time.

There are plenty of excursions that are suitable for expectant mothers too, with animal encounters, or a scenic island day trip to Isla Saona for somewhere away from the crowded tourist areas. Punta Cana is also a great destination to travel with your kids, in case you’re planning ahead a few years down the road. (Holly Connors, Four Around the World)

Best Babymoon Beach Destinations
Credit: Holly Connors

Have you been on a babymoon? Share your experience, destination and tips in the comments.

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