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There’s nothing like overcoming your fear of heights by suspending yourself from a metal clamp attached to what seems like a thin metal cable, 200 feet over rushing Fitzsimmons Creek or the valley of Cougar Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia.

But how about subjecting your beloved offspring to such an experience by booking a tour of ziplining in Whistler with kids?

You may be surprised by how quickly the young ones get into the fun and thrill of gliding over a creek or mountain valley. Ziplining is one of the most popular family activities to do in Whistler, as kids as young as six years old can participate.

The two companies – Superfly and Ziptrek – that conduct ziplining tours in Whistler are top-notch and run excellent quality operations where safety is of primary importance.

person zip lining in winter in whistler

Ziplining in Whistler with Kids

Ziptrek Ecotours Whistler

Ziptrek Tours has been offering safe, high-quality ziplining tours in the Whistler area for years. There are several Ziptrek tours to choose from, including the Sasquatch tour and the Eagle tour, featuring a 2,400 ft zipline with a 30 story descent. 

mom and kids ready to zipline with Ziptrek Whistler
Still unsure of what we’ve gotten ourselves into on the Ziptrek Tour

Ziptrek is based in Whistler Village. The tour starts with some practice runs,  then guests head out for a 3-hour zip lining tour in a stunning old growth rain forest. You’ll experience spectacular views, cross treetop bridges, learn about the rainforest, sustainability, and push your own limits overlooking steep cliffs above Fitzsimmons Creek between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.

Ziptrek Tours operates tours all year round, and in all weather conditions. If you’re planning on zip lining in Whistler with kids, note that the minimum age for ziplining is 6 years old. Children under 65 lbs will have to ‘zip’ in tandem with a guide on some of the ziplines.

two people zip lining over Fitzsimmons Creek in Whistler in summer
A tandem zipline run for the young kids in the family

Superfly Ziplines Whistler

If you’re ready to tackle not one but two of Canada’s longest ziplines, head ten minutes north of Whistler to the base of Cougar Mountain to Superfly Ziplines Whistler.

Superfly has designed and custom-built a zipline adventure that rivals any in the world. Their three hour, four zipline tour is highlighted by two of Canada’s longest ziplines which span a mind blowing distance of 1 km+ long. The zip lines are 200m above the valley floor and reach speeds of 100 km an hour; this is the ultimate zipline experience in Whistler.

people zip lining in whistler in winter

Their unique system allows riders to ride side by side in a tandem fashion. At one point, you’ll even be able to hold hands while flying.

The Superfly system is self-braking so all you have to do is hold on – or hang free – and enjoy the rush. For kids, the minimum age of ziplining at Superfly is 7 years old, and the weight minimum is 60 lbs (27 kg).

Check out our Superfly Ziplining Experience

Ziplining Tips

  • There are strict height and weight minimums and restrictions in place. Be sure to read the requirements before booking your zipline tour.
  • Rent a GoPro or find a way to attach you camera or mobile phone to your body. There’s no way to retrieve a lost phone when you’re 200 feet above the valley floor.
  • Helmets and masks are mandatory when flying/ziplining in 2021.
  • Both Ziptrek and Superfly operate tours in winter and summer season.
  • Some walking is necessary, but it won’t be too far between zipline stops.
  • Enjoy the experience and have fun!

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Disclosure: The writer and family were hosted by Ziptrek and Superfly Zipline Tours. As always, the writer’s love of ziplining is honest and her own.

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