Why Rent Luxury Vacation Homes in Maui  

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Hawaii is home to some of the loveliest and most stunning landscapes on the planet. Each island is unique, offering something different to new and experienced visitors. Maui stands out as an incredibly popular destination in the Hawaiian island chain. With amazing beaches, loads of activities, and fabulous sunsets, the Valley Isle will charm even the most jaded visitor. 

If you’re ready to book your own piece of Hawaiian heaven, then I don’t really have to convince you why you should rent a luxury vacation home in Maui, Hawaii, do I? It seems like a no-brainer.

As a big fan and visitor to the Hawaiian Islands for 40+ years, we’ve enjoyed all manner of accommodation in the islands. From resort hotels to timeshares and bed and breakfasts, there’s no shortage of ways to stay and play in paradise. But there’s nothing like enjoying your own home away from home, especially one that could be more affordable and practical than you think.

Why You Should Rent Luxury Vacation Homes in Maui

Save money, have more fun and make family travel memories while enjoying a holiday in luxury vacation homes in Maui, Hawaii.

1. Save Money

Sharing a spacious vacation home can save you money on multigenerational trips with parents or siblings. It’s also fabulous when travelling with family friends, as two or three travel budgets can split the accommodation cost into manageable portions. It will actually save money rather than everyone booking individual rooms or homes. Bonus: You’ll have leftover cash to book that catamaran sail and snorkel tour.

Find a short-term rental home on Maui

It’s practical to rent a home with a full suite of amenities, like a kitchen and laundry facilities. Eating out often in an expensive destination like Maui can put a real damper on the travel budget. Even if you only prepare a family breakfast in-house, you will still save hundreds of dollars over the course of a holiday in paradise. It’s totally worth it. And being about to launder clothes and dry beach towels is a travel win in my book.

Not sure how to start? First of all, each family should agree to split the food costs and work preparing shared meals. It’s important to be fair and open about this from the start. Pick some favorite meals based on the number of days, and guests. Determine a shopping list for when you arrive in Maui.

Stop in at the Costco of Safeway in Kahului and stock up on your food and drink items. At the house, families can work together on food prep, or take turns making meals. And don’t forget those little hands! They can do big work, setting and clearing tables, and drying dishes.

2. Enjoy your own space

Staying in a swish spot where you choose your fellow guests is travel gold. Many vacation rentals can sleep from six to even sixteen guests – perfect for multiple families and even small reunions. Location options can include must-haves like beachfront real estate, multiple pools to satisfy the water babies, or proximity to great areas like Kihei or Wailea.

As in your own home, adults and kids can spread out and enjoy each other as much (or as little) as they like. Sharing a spacious vacation rental allows everyone the freedom to be right at home. Or, if you have teens, pretend that the parents aren’t even there. That isn’t always a bad thing. It’s important to give older kids their space, and time to sleep in or chill out on their own. As long as they know they’ll have to join in on family meals, excursions and helping out. After all, teen alienation only goes so far.

A large vacation home offers many bedroom options. Kids can stay in their own rooms with friends, cousins or siblings. Adults get their own bit of privacy with a choice of bedrooms too. Shared living spaces encourage communal dining, playtime, game and movie nights. It’s a relaxing and stress-free way to enjoy your tropical stay on Maui.

Save money, have more fun and make family travel memories while enjoying a holiday in luxury vacation homes in Maui, Hawaii.

3. Have fun with friends

Staying together with family or friends can increase your vacation fun factor. Kids will have friends to play with at the pool and beach. Adults can adult with their friends and enjoy activities together.

And there are so many family activities to enjoy on Maui. From the Sugar Cain Train, to boogie boarding at the beach, to seeing the sunrise at Haleakala and snorkeling at Molokini, nobody will be bored on the Valley Isle.

Save money, have more fun and make family travel memories while enjoying a holiday in luxury vacation homes in Maui, Hawaii.

4. Great for multigenerational vacations

If you’re on a multigenerational holiday, parents can enjoy a night out with built-in babysitting. (Think of reserving at Mama’s Fish House for an extra-special meal.) Grandparents get the company of their grandkids all to themselves. It’s amazing how the two generations can bond while on holiday. It’s the stuff family travel memories are made of.

If you’ve never done a multigenerational holiday, and the idea fills you with fear, please know that it IS possible. Multigen vacations are one of the top travel trends for the past five years because they can be great. Positive benefits include spending time with loved ones, inter-generational bonding time, sharing travel costs, and of course, creating fabulous family travel memories. Our seven-step multigen trip survival checklist will help you see how amazing multigenerational trips can be.

Sharing a tropical holiday with loved ones in one of the fabulous luxury vacation homes in Maui is a great way to save money, have more fun, and make family travel memories to last a lifetime.

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