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Everyone looks forward to the break from routine while they’re on vacation. For many, the break in routine includes a break from regular physical activity. After all, you’re on holiday.

This may not be an issue for individuals and families who are away for a few weeks and who are otherwise active. But for those who find it difficult to keep the momentum of activity going in their daily routine, taking a break from physical activity when you are on holidays can be enough to set you back to your old inactive ways.

The key is to think of physical activity as PLAY. When you do, the thought of ensuring PLAYtime during your vacation means added FUN time.

Staying active during your holidays can help you maintain your fitness level and health goals, and make it easier to get back to routine when you return. These four tips will keep everyone active and healthy on the road, and help restless kids (and adults) stay sane!

If you have trouble maintaining a workout routine on your travels, these playful tips will keep you active and healthy on the road |
Hiking into the Grand Canyon revealed this breathtaking viewpoint at Cedar Ridge. (Hiking tip: Get an early start to beat the heat and the crowds)

1. Plan Activities

Sure, seeing the Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring experience, but hiking into the canyon adds a whole other amazing dimension to your visit. Whether it’s cycling, rollerblading, canoeing or some other activity, you may be surprised to find the variety of active things you can enjoy together that will make your visit more memorable. While some of these activities might not make it into the guidebooks, they can be a fun way to explore new surroundings and get a better feel of how the locals live.

2. Pack Appropriate Gear

A swimsuit, moisture wicking shirt and shorts, and a pair of socks and runners do not take up a lot of space. Always bring them with you and you’ll be ready for anything, anywhere. Packing our comfortable clothing was particularly handy during a trip to India where we, unexpectedly, were able to join a yoga class on the beach. You never know when an opportunity to move may arise.

If you have trouble maintaining a workout routine on your travels, these playful tips will keep you active and healthy on the road |
We found so much to do in Sedona, Arizona including golfing, hiking, horseback riding and cycling!

3. Stop + Play

This is particularly helpful for long road trips. And while it’s true that older kids can usually tolerate longer rides, we all travel better when we can stretch our legs and get our ‘sillies out’ during the trip. A convenient way to do this is to plan a longer stop to enjoy a meal or a snack and some activity. Find out beforehand where the parks and playgrounds are on your route. These EAT + PLAY stops can go a long way in keeping the annoying whining (kids) and angry outburst (parents) in check. (Claudia: Hey, we’ve all been there!)

If you have trouble maintaining a workout routine on your travels, these playful tips will keep you active and healthy on the road |
Getting in early morning round of golf at Lahinch Golf Club, Clare County, Ireland

4. Take Turns Being Active

When our children were really young it wasn’t always easy for my husband and I to get enough exercise while we were exploring new destinations. The kids would be exhausted and we’d be ready for more.

So instead of trying to do something together, we would do something active on our own. To make it easier on the parent staying behind, we followed some simple rules. One parent was never left alone during a meal (the kid to parent ratio of 3:1 in a strange place just didn’t seem fair).  We planned the solo parenting time when we felt the kids would be the least demanding. Think an early morning run or bike ride when kids are still asleep, or a late afternoon horseback riding when the kids are having some downtime and are happy to nap, read, play a game, or watch a movie. While you may miss the companionship of your partner, you’ll appreciate the chance to maintain some fitness while enjoying your surroundings.

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Keeping active on the road can be a challenge. These tips will encourage fun & active PLAY on your travels |

Bio: Noony Santos Paletta is a registered dietitian who believes healthy living should be simple + fun! She is a co-owner of the Vancouver based company, iUBER wellness, which promotes a balanced approach to health by focusing on 4 key areas: EATing, PLAYing, SLEEPing, and TALKing. Noony enjoys a healthy lifestyle at home and while travelling with her husband and 3 children.

She believes healthy living can include Captain Crunch for breakfast at the campsite, chocolate croissants in Paris, gelato in Italy, gulab jamun in India, as well as other culinary treats! You can find her and practical tips for your healthy lifestyle at

Photo Credits: N Paletta and Pixabay

How do you stay active while you are on holiday? Share your tips below.


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