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If you’ve read about nature deficit disorder, you’ll know that 1. It’s not a medical diagnosis; and 2. It is a useful metaphor for how alienated we’ve become from the natural world. Fortunately, there’s a simple remedy for NDD, and that’s GBTN – Get Back To Nature.

Now more than ever, people are interested in disconnecting from their electronica and re-connecting with nature, without having to compromise on luxury and comfort. We want our wilderness experience to include heaping servings of style. And the easy to tow, ultra-light campers from Happier Camper deliver style, comfort and luxury in the most gorgeous Cali-cool package imaginable.

happier camper review

Road trip in style with Happier Camper: Review

This ultra-light camper, from Happier Camper is the ultimate travel accessory oozing year-round road trip possibilities. The HC1 camper model is an ultra-light, fiberglass shell travel trailer you can tow with your car. The camper van without the van is well designed, compact, flexible, and above all, ridiculously gorgeous. The cute as button camper is the most adorable thing you’ll ever tow behind your SUV or minivan.

Founded by Derek Michael, veteran expat and international traveler, the Happier Camper brand is helmed by a staff of California creatives. The company strives to serve the specialized niche for upscale outdoors accommodation market. Happier Camper is the answer to the evolution of the glamping and the #VanLife social movement that has recently been making a splash across social media.

“People who buy these are buying experiences and often investing in their families. I couldn’t ask for a better market to appeal to. I could rent and sell lightweight travel trailers for the rest of my life and enjoy it,” says Derek.

The HC1 weighs only 1,100 pounds dry, and can be pulled by virtually any vehicle. It offers the flexibility to transform its interior with an Adaptiv System. The modular interior can sleep up to five people and can be adapted according to the specific traveler’s needs. The HC1 comes in a variety of cool colors, and is wonderfully suited to outdoor-loving families itching to hit the road.

happier camper review

A rear hatch allows you to wheel in your bike, kayak or motorcycle and even features a removable kitchenette, perfect for families. This pint-sized tiny-home is packing a power  punch too, featuring a 100-watt solar power function that creates super clean energy. So yes, you can charge your devices.

Currently the company sells HC1’s at a starting rate of $16,000 and produces all of its campers in California. Get camping with these ultra-light, hip, and cool HC1s, and Go Play Outside!

Need more #VanLife glamping inspo? Check out these videos of the Happier Camper HC1 from Happier Camper on Vimeo.

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