7 ways chic and stylish Monos luggage makes travel easier

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Can good luggage make your life better? Well, as a very frequent flyer and traveler, I can tell you – without hesitation – that a great carry-on bag can make your travel life easier. And therefore, your life better.

Packing for travel is stressful enough without having to worry about luggage snafus and broken zippers. And no one should travel without style, especially when chicness abounds with suitcases like Monos. Whether in the air, on the road or sailing the ocean blue, here are seven ways that chic and stylish Monos Luggage can help travel easier.

Seven ways you can improve your packing and travel life with sleek and stylish Monos luggage.

Monos Luggage – the story

Monos is a Canadian luggage brand and company founded by Hubert Chan, Victor Tam and Daniel Shin in 2018. The name is inspired by the Japanese concept of mono no aware. Which means ‘the profound appreciation of the beauty in fleeting moments.’

Company founders wanted to create premium luggage that blends innovation, design, and functionality. The result is a collection of luggage and travel accessories – compressible packing cubes, toiletry cases, backpacks – that cater to the needs of both seasoned travelers and those embarking on their very first journey.

Sleek luggage design

One of the first things that sets Monos Travel luggage and accessories apart is its sleek and minimalist design. The brand aesthetic is all clean lines, muted colors – think Blush Pink, Terracotta and Sage Green.

Monos carry on luggage and Monos checked bags create a modern fashion statement that stands out but also complements personal style. You can also scale up your travel gear with matching Monos Metro duffels, backpacks, folios and slings. 

pastel monos suitcases in a group of three

Luggage durability

I’ve had many carry-on bags over my lifetime. Including the early days when a suitcase with wheels was like a unicorn – beyond rare. You had to hire a porter or carry it yourself. Which meant you were very careful about every item you put into that bag.

A carry-on suitcase with wheels is no longer rare (thank goodness). And it doesn’t have to be expensive, ugly or cheaply made. I believe in investing in high-quality luggage that will last, and doesn’t have to be replaced every year, or even every five. 

Buying quality luggage is less wasteful over time, and ensures your belongings stay safe and secure during your travels. A great carry-on should fit in the overhead bin, even on smaller planes.

Should you have to sky-check your bag, the hard shell and combination lock will protect your possessions. And if something happens, Monos luggage and accessories come with a lifetime warranty.

Monos luggage is constructed from aerospace-grade polycarbonate hard shell material. It is exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The material is lightweight and strong, allowing you to pack more while staying within airline weight restrictions. This is critical as the cost of paying for extra weight has gone through the roof.

Smooth operation

I’m a fast walker, navigating airports, train stations, and crowded streets at speed, and my Monos carry-on suitcase keeps up with me, smoothly moving along and winding through tight spots. 

Monos bags feature a telescopic handle, and Japanese Hinomoto 360-degree spinner wheels, known for their smooth and quiet operation. Even with a fully packed suitcase, I’ve breezed through and over every surface and crowded space.

claudia walking with monos suitcase at airport

Smart interior design

The interior design of Monos suitcases is thoughtful, featuring built in compression pad and straps, multiple interior pockets, shoe bags, and a removable laundry bag to help you stay organized. 

The spacious interiors are designed to maximize packing capacity without getting in the way of you finding the items you need. Having a good pre-trip packing list will ensure you don’t bring unnecessary items that add weight and space. 

And Monos’ accessories can help you organize your packing even further. More on that below.

Secured belongings means peace of mind

Monos luggage is stylish and accessible, but you don’t want just anyone getting in there. The suitcase boasts a sturdy TSA-approved lock that provides peace of mind during your travels.

Monos also sells matching personalized luggage tags and alphabet stickers to identify and easily find your bag on the airport carousel.

Sustainable manufacturing

Sustainability matters. Monos uses recyclable materials and vegan alternatives wherever possible and utlizes a nesting system in shipping its products more efficiently. 

The company is Climate Neutral Certified, measuring, offsetting and reducing its carbon emissions across their operations. As a member of 1% For the Planet, Monos donates 1% of its revenue to verified non-profits, dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the natural world.

Monos accessories: the total package

I love how Monos views travel and lifestyle from 35,000 feet up and has visualized accessories that really complement its luggage line. 

The brand aesthetic and color palettes mean you can match pieces of luggage with packing cubes, backpacks, duffels and passport holders to fit your fashion style.

Monos is also in the clothing business, producing made-and-designed-in-Canada gender neutral fashion for home or away. 

But the accessories aren’t just good-looking, they’re designed to enhance your travel experience and keep you organized on the go. 

monos packing cubes in suitcase

And nothing makes me as happy as being organized when I travel! I’m particularly in love with the set of four Monos compressible packing cubes. 

Monos compressible packing cubes

Unlike traditional packing cubes that may rip or break after a few trips, Monos’ compression packing cubes are made with all-premium materials. 

The exterior is constructed with tear-resistant nylon twill, while the interior features the same luxuriously soft, anti-microbial fabric as found inside its travel suitcases. The breathable mesh top panel lets you see what’s inside without unpacking. And the anti-catch zippers ensure your packing is snag-free.

The packing cubes were a game changer on my recent trips in Japan and British Columbia. I used the well-structured cubes to separate hiking clothes from undergarments, socks and laundry and compressed them to take up less room in the suitcase. 

The cubes fit perfectly into my Sage Green Carry-On and the Rose Quartz Monos Carry-On Pro. The Pro features a built-in exterior zippered pocket for easy access to essentials like my laptop and travel documents.

Final thoughts

I love the design aesthetic, color choice, lightweight, hard-shell construction, and smooth wheel operation of my Monos Luggage pieces. I’m particularly impressed with the fantastic Monos compressible packing cubes, and how well they organize and streamline my packing game. They’re my new favorite travel product. 

If I have a quibble, it’s with the suitcase zipper, which I think could glide more smoothly. But the zipper secures properly and has never snagged on any clothing items. So overall, two thumbs up.

Traveling can be as frustrating as it is fantastic, so any travel hacks that can make your life better is #winning. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional adventurer, chic and durable Monos luggage will help simplify and stylize your travel life.

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Disclosure: The writer thanks Monos for gifted luggage and packing cubes. As always, her love of great style and sleek travel luggage is honest and her own.

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