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Some of you might have a daughter who constantly insists that she’s a princess (these days, likely one from Frozen). If you’re a mother, you may appreciate being treated like a princess (or queen) from time to time as well. Old World Europe has many castles, or châteaux, where it’s possible to dream of being a princess for a day. And the best way for long-term travelers to make their royal dreams of visiting the Château de Versailles and the rest of France come true is through Europe Auto’s Peugeot buy back plan.

Visiting the Chateau de Versailles

Breathtaking castle and endless gardens

While it may be hard to believe while looking at the enormity of the palace, the Château de Versailles was first a modest castle that was increasingly renovated and extended by its numerous owners. The first was Louis XIII in 1623, followed by Louis XIV in 1660 who began the work of the extensive gardens.

However, the biggest changes took place in 1678, when Louis XIV (aka the Sun King, as the world revolved around him), made Versailles the seat of his government. The interior decoration of the palace became a priority for the Sun King’s successor, Louis XV, which you can admire during your visit. Colour, fabric, furniture, paintings and many more charming elements can be found in the many individual palace apartments. Stepping inside is like traveling through time, unlocking the possibilities of what unlimited royal expense accounts can achieve.

A throne worthy of the Sun King, or a Princess. (via
A throne worthy of the Sun King, or a Princess. (Credit: Pixabay)

After you’ve been overwhelmed by the magnificence of the palace design and architecture, head outdoors to explore the 800 acres of the UNESCO World Heritage-designated Gardens of Versailles.

While walking around the maze of the Versailles gardens, you can see fountains, flowers, statues, impressive, symmetrical landscaped gardens, and even hear music. Make sure you don’t miss the fountain shows (night and day) and the special musical gardens.

Most importantly when planning a visit to Versailles, be sure to arrive early – visiting the Château de Versailles takes a whole day. Speaking of which…

Imagine being a princess for a day and living in the Chateau de Versailles, outside of Paris! (via
Imagine being a princess for a day and living in the Chateau de Versailles, outside of Paris! (Credit: iStock Photo, PocholoCalapre)

Peugeot Buy Back Plan

France is one of the largest countries in Europe, and French civilization and history is among the most interesting and turbulent. Even in two weeks time, you can’t visit everything in the City of Lights, much less beyond the borders of the arrondissements. But what if you want to see the Château de Versailles, its Gardens AND a bit more of this wonderful country?

If you want to cover more ground and explore a wider part of the France and the fabled French countryside (thing wine and cheese!) during your vacation, there’s a perfect solution that will save you from spending an awful lot of your money (and your time) on subway, bus or train passes to travel across France: buy a car.

Yes, I know you’re not a princess with gold-lined pockets. But take heart, this option doesn’t need to be expensive.

In fact, using a buyback plan from a car rental service, such as the plan purchased through Europ Auto, can be the perfect solution to visit Versailles, Paris and other beautiful areas of France. If you’re planning a long trip with a family of four, a buyback plan may save you large amounts of transportation money, allowing savings to be utilized on accommodations, extra croissants or daily bottles of house wine.

A buyback plan from car rental agency Europ Auto is a great way to save travel dollars in France. (via

Wherever and whenever you want

Apart from the limited ground they cover, buses, subways and trains have one major inconvenience: they don’t often fit our family’s travel schedule. We enjoy travelling on our own schedule and having the flexibility to go where and when we choose. Also, there can be long walks (and time lost) between airports, subways, train stations and bus stops, which can leave you completely exhausted at the end of the day.

You don’t need to worry about those problems with a car. One less thing to have to schedule and stress about!

Stone facade of the 17th century Versailles Palace (via
Stone facade of the 17th century Versailles Palace (Credit: iStock Photo, KarlBerggren)

The most affordable option: the buy-back

So, why you should buy a car when you can rent one?

If you rent a car for 2 weeks, you’ll have to pay for the car rental fee first, then consider added costs and issues, such as; insurance, mileage limitations, designated drivers, and potentially getting stuck with a sub-standard vehicle.

Still, if you are on vacation for 2 weeks and mostly stay at the same place, it’ll be probably better to rent one, but what about a longer stay?

The Peugeot buy back plan by Europ Auto, for example, is cheaper than renting a car for over 17 days or more. The cars are also brand new (you’re the first one to drive it) and you get the exact model you want (number of seats, transmission choice, everything) You can even tell them that you dislike a specific colour and choose one that matches your style.

Moreover, it’s easy peasy to pick-up and return the car. There is a Europ Auto service point near or at every airport in France.

To top it off, they are Peugeot vehicles. Driving a French car in France? How perfect is that?

France is only the beginning

Once you enjoy travelling by car in a foreign country, you’ll be hooked. Going on an adventure anywhere becomes an accessible possibility, allowing you to get out of your comfort zone by discovering lesser-known areas of France, and beyond. That’s because there’s a Europ Auto service point in several countries in the world, So, don’t stop with France – let your inner explorer stand out.

Have you done a buy-back car option on your travels in France or elsewhere in Europe? Share your comments below.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post courtesy of Europ Auto. 

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