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If only Rachel Zoe, Hollywood’s stylist to the stars, could personally suggest each of our vacation wardrobes, airport concourses would be more like a fashion week runways. But alas, she’s about to have a baby AND she only works with celebrities! Not a problem, we can still draw from her fashion sense and mix it with a little function to create the perfect trip wardrobe with these travel style tips.


We need to look no further than the golden years of travel for our primary inspiration. Keep it classy. Comfort for a 3-14 hour flight doesn’t equate to frump. Starting from the ground up, flats are a must for travel days, as are leggings or jeans with stretch. Use your top half as an opportunity to layer {thus multiplying your potential looks}. I always start with a tank, followed by a top that hovers somewhere between fitted and flowy and finishes it off with a blazer or jacket. Finally, like Rachel Zoe, I never travel without a pashmina which can pull together an outfit, keep you warm and be used as a make-shift plane blanket.


Don’t use Darth Vader as your wardrobe inspiration. Yes, black hide marks but head-to-toe black is funeral-like, and aren’t you going on vacation? For some tried and tested travel style-meets-function techniques, let’s find our go-to tips in hotel design. Yep, did you ever think we could learn something from patterned carpets and basic bedspreads? Here’s the trick: there’s a reason hotels favour bold prints and basic whites. Prints hide stains and whites can be easily bleached. Aside from always bringing one piece of basic black, use these rules for choosing your trip’s wardrobe. Well-fitted basics never go out of style and prints can be easily dressed up or down. Bonus, prints are hot this spring/summer!


• Bring a Tide pen to clean up any minor stain on-the-go.

• If you’re travelling with children, always bring an extra top in your carry-on in case something gets spilled.

• Assuming you wear flats on the plane, bring socks and a pair of hotel slippers to wear at your seat and to the lavatory.

• Save your jewelry for your destination and avoid a metal detector-influenced pat-down.

• Wipes come in handy for cleaning spills and disinfecting the plane’s tray table.

Follow these practical travel style tips and you won’t have to worry about looking great everywhere you go. By following these tips you will always be prepared regardless of where you go.

The Goods

Shoes: Gravity Pope. Bottoms: leggings, Gap; Jeans, 7 For All Mankind. Tops: Joe Fresh {striped & print}; grey flowy top, Nordstrom. Blazer/Jacket: Chambray, Anthropologie; Black/Khaki, Oliver and Lilly’s. Pashminas: Animal Print & Sandstorm, Nordstrom


Author Bio

Name: Trish Friesen. Website: {daily trip style tips for aspiring jetsetters}

Details: Trish unpacks her suitcase in Vancouver, BC, where she lives with her husband/travel partner Nathan, and her dog Nacho, who she’d take around the world if she could fit him under her seat. Prior to delving into trip styling, Trish would dream up her next trip while running the rat race in Vancouver’s marketing scene. Trish’s travels have taken her around the globe on all types of trip styles including development work abroad, vacationing solo in Europe, trekking to Machu Picchu, going on safari in Kenya, hiking the Great Wall of China and lying on beaches in Hawaii—to only name a few. Booking every trip online for the past 10 years has made her an enthusiastic educator and resource for the dos, don’ts, and how-tos of online travel booking.

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