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I consider myself a pretty expert packer. Packing lists are very important to ensure items don’t get left behind. I still use tried-and-true methods learned from my mother while packing childhood suitcases for summers in Europe. Also, I lay clothes flat. None of this rolling funny business.

To each their own where packing strategies are concerned. But technology and travel changes have upped the packing game. Airlines alter the size and weight allowances of carry-on and checked suitcases at a whim, so more has to fit into less. It’s a constant battle.

When the Holiday Group approached me with a smart packing challenge to test out some of their quality travel luggage products, it was a great opportunity to give these items a field test on the road. The verdict? Read on!

No matter your travel style, it's important to pack smart for your vacation. These packing cubes and accessories show how to pack a suitcase with ease. |


Austin House Packing Cubes

This was my first experience with packing cubes, and I’m a convert. I usually know exactly where things are in my suitcase – I’ve packed it after all. But sorting my clothing items into the Austin House packing cubes was convenient. They kept the clothes flat, organized, and fairly wrinkle-free.

The cube’s see-through mesh made it easy to spot what was packed inside. The only slightly annoying bit was zipping the cubes open and closed each time I wanted to use them. That was easily solved by just leaving the cubes unzipped. Snap!

Austin House Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Do you have any must have travel items? I don’t fly without my eye shade, ear plugs or neck pillow. It’s important to shut out the world around, particularly for night flights. Austin House’s memory foam neck pillow is plushy and comfortable. It supported my neck while trying to catch some zzz’s. Its soft cover is washable and hypoallergenic, with a convenient loop to snap on to a backpack or purse for carrying. Also a great item to have in the car for long ferry line-ups on the coast.

No matter your travel style, it's important to pack smart for your vacation. These packing cubes and accessories show how to pack a suitcase with ease. |


Atlantic Seabreeze Luggage

I road tested my Atlantic Seabreeze Luggage moulded spinner on a weekend trip to Vancouver Island. The 20″ hard-sided bag was perfect for a short weekend away. I could fit everything I needed into the suitcase – shoes, a few different outfits (in three packing cubes), a hat, and my toiletry bag. It’s very light at just 6 lbs. the  ‘Spin 360’ 4 wheels system allow it to roll along very smoothly. The handle glides up and down easily for transition to stairs and hotel floors. Even fully packed, it wasn’t too heavy to easily carry down stairs to the car. This bag was perfect for my long weekend getaway.


Atlantic Seabreeze Luggage

Yes, I just wrote that I liked this bag! But, I also wanted to take the Seabreeze suitcase on a one-week holiday. However, I realized quickly that the 20″ size was going to be too small to fit one week’s worth of clothing, shoes and toiletries. The hard-sided suitcase isn’t expandable, so there’s no capacity to cram extra items in once it’s full. I only travel with one carry-on suitcase for any trip one week or longer, so this size of bag wouldn’t be my choice for that length and style of trip.

Austin House Digital Scale with Measuring Tape

I may be unfair in giving this digital scale a ‘meh’, but as I avoid checking my carry-on sized baggage, I never weigh anything. However, I’ll be the first to admit that if you do check baggage, or are prone to overpacking (cough, certain family members), then this would indeed be a very useful travel tool.

The digital scale is lightweight and highly portable, and gets bonus points for coming in hot pink. The digital scale measures up to 50 kg (110 lbs) and is easy to read. It comes with a battery so it’ll be ready to use on the fly, with a blinky indicator light to show when the battery is low. If you’re an overpacker, you’ll appreciate having this small portable scale along for the ride.

Disclosure: The Travelling Mom thanks Holiday Group for the opportunity to test and review its travel products. This article contains affiliate links. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.

Photo Credits: C Laroye + Shutterstock

Do you use packing cubes and neck pillows? Do you love your suitcase? Share your packing product faves and tips in the comments.

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