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Toronto is Canada’s most multicultural city.  Fortunately for hungry locals and visitors, welcoming people from all over the world translates into access to a delicious variety of amazing food and in this article, we will be talking about the best places to eat in Toronto with kids.

When visiting Toronto, you can still find of all your favourite American fast food chains. Whether you’re jonesing for a Panera soup bowl, or craving a Chipotle burrito, you’ll find familiar menus to please the family.

BUT, rather than caving in to those usual suspects that are just like home, go for something locally delicious. FlightHub reviews how to find good eats, as well as the best Toronto restaurants that you and your family won’t want to miss. Here’s just a sampling of what’s available to feed your hangry crew as you stroll the streets of T.O.

Where to Eat in Toronto with Kids

A curated list of some of the best Toronto restaurants that you and your family won't want to miss on your next visit to Canada's biggest city. |

Brunch spots with kids

Late-waking mornings are brunch mornings! Everyone’s starving, so cut-off the complaining before it starts and make a beeline to Jawny Bakers in East York. This easy-going local restaurant offers plentiful high chairs, great service, and a large menu including kids favorites like pizza, pasta and meatloaf. The extra brunch treat is a treasure chest for fun, imagination play.

Lunch or Dinner with kids

In the heart of Little Portugal lies a restaurant that’s just waiting for you to sit down and let them feed not only you, but your hungry little munchkins as well. Welcome to the Barque Smokehouse. The classic smokehouse restaurant has an array of southern barbecue staples that even your pickiest eater will enjoy. Grab a signature Mint Julep for you, and some fresh ice tea for the kids and enjoy reduced prices on the kids menu. Instead of bread, enjoy a popcorn snack. For the adults, FlightHub recommends grabbing the Brisket poutine to start. You won’t regret it.

Best places to eat in Toronto with kids
A curated list of some of the best Toronto restaurants that you and your family won’t want to miss on your next visit to Canada’s biggest city. |

Sweet Treats for kids

What’s a vacation without a break from the rules? Here are some of what we consider the best places to eat in Toronto with kids for those who like to indulge every once and a while. If you don’t already know, Toronto’s sweet tooth is insatiable, leaving you with many wonderful options of bakeries and pastry shops to choose from. Here’s just a sample.

Bang Bang Ice Cream

Ever heard of London Fog ice cream? What about homemade cookie and ice cream sandwiches? Get every, and any, flavour you can imagine at Bang Bang IceCream. Whether you’re in the mood for burnt toffee, Totaro, or their seasonal Olive-u Pistachio flavours, you’re definitely not leaving this shop without some serious ice cream love.

Bang Bang also boasts plenty of options for lactose-free products for ice cream lovers. If you’re unsure of what to get, how about the (full) oatmeal and raisin cookie with dulce de leche flavoured ice cream. Warning: Sugar high may ensue.

Glory Hole Doughnuts

Boasting handmade traditional and artisanal doughnut option, as their tag line states, Glory Hole Doughnuts ‘are what creams are made of‘. These magical little bits of fried, doughy goodness will probably keep your kids full for the next two days.

If you’re unsure of what to grab (because your eyes are as big as saucers right now), FlightHub recommends the following options:

  • From their “Filled” category, grab a London Fog. This doughnut has infused the tea within the custard. Need we say more?
  • From their classic “Glazed” (unfilled), Winter Vanilla is your go-to option, hands down and belly up.
  • From their “Frosted” options, there’s nothing that screams classics like Bread & Butter.

Toronto has come a long way from its days as an uptight cousin to more cosmopolitan Montréal. (Editor: I’ve lived in both, I can testify). The family-friendly streets, neighborhoods and restaurants of the Big Smoke will surprise visitors in the best of ways.

Discovering delicious new food favorites and dining spots make for great family travel memories. And full, satisfied tummies.

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What are some of your favorite dining spots in Toronto? Share your comments below.

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