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Okay, these aren’t really my boots.

My hiking boots are green, Vasque boots from France. They haven’t been worn in more than ten years.

Of course, I’ve been hiking many times during those ten years, in British Columbia, Italy, and Switzerland. I love hiking with my family, trying to keep up with my teenaged boys who are always miles ahead. But I’ve been using lighter, all-purpose shoes for those trips, and they’ve served me pretty well. This time, those shoes aren’t going to cut it in on the miles of trails I’m about to attempt on my adventure at Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat, near Nelson, British Columbia.

Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat

I don’t plan to pull a Cheryl Strayed of Wild fame and toss my boot off a cliff, but apparently, I’m in for a life-changing experience nonetheless. In my preparation for the 1-Week Reboot Program at Mountain Trek, I’ve had to swear off coffee (difficult), drink 8-10 glasses of water daily (also a challenge), and prepare for a mental and physical reboot.

That may be the most daunting mission of all. I’m not sure I’m in need of such a reboot. But perhaps I just haven’t noticed, being run off my feet trying to keep up with life’s daily challenges and obligations. I don’t think about ‘me’ so much as all the usual suspects. The mountains of lists, papers, and laundry that need regular tending. It’s not a complaint, just a reality of family life. And I’m very happy and grateful for it.

But, since I’ve been offered the opportunity to experience sunrise yoga, daily mountain hikes, detox regimes, massages, diets that work, and someone else cooking for a change, I’m seizing this chance with both hands.

I’ve been preparing for this week of wellness and self-discovery by reading a fellow travel writer’s account of her experience at Mountain Trek. Elena Sonnino of Live Do Grow has written beautifully of her powerful life-changing experience at Mountain Trek. She also wrote a letter to herself before beginning her Reboot Week, and while it’s not my style to replicate that exercise, I’m in awe that she did so.

I realized something. I should seize the day – carpe diem! – and make the most of this chance to self-reflect and be the best me that I can be. Yes, part of me thinks it’s selfish, but as they say, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.


Photo: Pixabay

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