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Your fabulous holiday trip is over, and you’ve downloaded the 1000+ digital photos from your 1, 2 (or more) cameras. Now what do you do? The good news is that it’s easier than ever to save travel memories with digital photo books. The software that exists now is fantastic, and can be as sophisticated as you wish, or can handle.

In the digital age, it seems harder than ever to keep up with photo albums and scrap-booking your trips and daily lives. There are so many photos to go through. The editing process can be really time-consuming.

I came across some helpful tips in a recent issues of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. The article gave a short and brief summary of 5 different digital photo book basics. It offered some good tips about what kind of software program and photo book options might suit your style of memory-keeping.

I’ve been scrap-booking and compiling photo albums since our kids were born. They like nothing better than sitting down and looking at their baby pictures. They can even look at mine, as my own mother kept a photo album of my childhood which she gave me when I left home. It’s a wonderful, precious gift.

Favorite Digital Photo Book Software

Do some initial research into what kind of photo book software works best for you. Choose a program that is not too complicated so you’ll actually know how and want to use it! Sort through your photos as soon as you can after every trip, and create a file of the best ones you’d like to include in your photo book. This is a big job, and half the battle of getting the photo book done. Once you’ve chosen the photos, you can pick each page layout to best suit the photos and stories you want to tell. Send to the printer and voilà! Memories and photos preserved.

I use Apple’s Aperture professional photograhy software for our family’s digital photo organization and for compiling photo books. It is very powerful software, and more than adequate for an average user. I’ve also used and would recommend iPhoto for Apple Mac users. It is a strong, user-friendly photo book program that produces clean and high-quality layouts and photo books.

Both of these programs permit you to enter titles and text to accompany the photos. On all of our holidays, I maintain a daily journal of our activities, the sights visited and even our trip mileage! Much of this information is added to our photo books when I create them, so that the dates, people and locations are preserved forever. This is especially important if you’re months behind in your memory-keeping, as I usually am!

The time spent on creating a photo book of your trips, or of each year in the life of your family is priceless. And it’s never too late to start.

Photo Credit: C. Laroye

Do you maintain photo books and albums of your travels? Share your software and organization tips below!

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